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Route Schedules
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ROUTE 1 - East Bound to Eustis from The Villages
ROUTE 1 - West Bound to The Villages from Eustis
ROUTE 2 - City of Leesburg
ROUTE 3 - City of Mount Dora
ROUTE 4 - Altoona to Zellwood

Transfer Stop Indicator and Blue text indicates this stop is a transfer stop to other LakeXpress routes

Transfer Stop Indicator and Green text indicates this stop is a transfer stop to a LYNX route.

All Routes are subject to change. Below schedules are current as of June 2013.

Download Printable ROUTE 1 Schedule & Map ROUTE 1     East Bound    |     West Bound
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12
Spanish Springs Station Hwy 27 & Longview Ave. Wal-mart stop (Martin Luther King & Hwy 441) Transfer Stop Indicator
Hwy 27
(14th St)
& Citizens Blvd.
(Transfer to R2)
SR 44 & Main St. Lake Square Mall Old U.S. Hwy 441 & U.S. Hwy 441 Main St.
(Lake County Admin Blg)
Waterman Hospital
(U.S. Hwy 441)
Transfer Stop Indicator
(Transfer to R3 & R4)
Palmetto & Getford
  6:00a Express Service to Lake Square Mall from Citizens Blvd.

6:32a Express Service to County Administration Building
Express to Citizens Blvd. 6:00a 6:07a 6:25a 6:33a 6:37a 7:48a 6:53a 7:14a
6:30a 6:39a 6:50a 7:00a 7:07a 7:25a 7:33a 7:37a 8:48a 7:53a 8:14a
7:30a 7:39a 7:50a 8:00a 8:07a 8:25a 8:33a 8:37a 9:48a 8:53a 9:14a
8:30a 8:39a 8:50a 9:00a 9:07a 9:25a 9:33a 9:37a 10:48a 9:53a 10:14a
9:30a 9:39a 9:50a 10:00a 10:07a 10:25a 10:33a 10:37a 11:48a 10:53a 11:14a
10:30a 10:39a 10:50a 11:00a 11:07a 11:25a 11:33a 11:37a 12:48p 11:53a 12:14p
11:30a 11:39a 11:50a 12:00p 12:07p 12:25p 12:33p 12:37p 1:00p 12:53p 1:14p
12:30p 12:39p 12:50p 1:00p 1:07p 1:25p 1:33p 1:37p 2:00p 1:53p 2:14p
1:30p 1:39p 1:50p 2:00p 2:07p 2:25p 2:33p 2:37p 3:00p 2:53p 3:14p
2:30p 2:39p 2:50p 3:00p 3:07p 3:25p 3:33p 3:37p 4:00p 3:53p 4:14p
3:30p 3:39p 3:50p 4:00p 4:07p 4:25p 4:33p 4:37p 5:00p 4:53p 5:14p
4:30p 4:39p 4:50p 5:00p 5:07p 5:25p 5:33p 5:37p 6:00p 5:53p 6:14p
5:30p 5:39p 5:50p 6:00p 6:07p 6:25p 6:33p 6:37p 7:00p 6:53p 7:14p
6:30p 6:39p 6:50p  
7:30p 7:39p 7:50p  
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12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Palmetto St. & Getford Road Transfer Stop Indicator
Lake Tech
(Transfer to R3 & R4)
Waterman Hospital
(U.S. Hwy 441)
Main St, (County Admin Bldg.) Woodlea Road
(County Agricultural Center)
Old Hwy 441 & Hwy 441 Lake Square Mall State Road 44 & Hwy 441 Transfer Stop Indicator
Hwy 27
(14th St)
& Citizens Blvd.
(Transfer to R2)
Wal-mart stop (Martin Luther King & Hwy 441) US Hwy 27/441 & Longview Ave. Spanish Springs Station
  6:00a 6:05a 6:16a 6:30a
  6:25a 6:35a 7:00a 7:05a 7:16a 7:30a
      6:53a 7:03a 7:07a 7:25a 7:35a 8:00a 8:05a 8:16a 8:30a
7:14a 7:38a 7:43a 7:53a 8:03a 8:07a 8:25a 8:35a 9:00a 9:05a 9:16a 9:30a
8:14a 8:38a 8:43a 8:53a 9:03a 9:07a 9:25a 9:35a 10:00a 10:05a 10:16a 10:30a
9:14a 9:38a 9:43a 9:53a 10:03a 10:07a 10:25a 10:35a 11:00a 11:05a 11:16a 11:30a
10:14a 10:38a 10:43a 10:53a 11:03a 11:07a 11:25a 11:35a 12:00p 12:05p 12:16p 12:30p
11:14a 11:38a 11:43a 11:53a 12:03p 12:07p 12:25p 12:35p 1:00p 1:05p 1:16p 1:30p
12:14p 12:38p 12:43p 12:53p 1:03p 1:07p 1:25p 1:35p 2:00p 2:05p 2:16p 2:30p
1:14p 1:38p 1:43p 1:53p 2:03p 2:07p 2:25p 2:35p 3:00p 3:05p 3:16p 3:30p
2:14p 2:38p 2:43p 2:53p 3:03p 3:07p 3:25p 3:35p 4:00p 4:05p 4:16p 4:30p
3:14p 3:38p 3:43p 3:53p 4:03p 4:07p 4:25p 4:35p 5:00p 5:05p 5:16p 5:30p
4:14p 4:38p 4:43p 4:53p 5:03p 5:07p 5:25p 5:35p 6:00p 6:05p 6:16p 6:30p
5:14p 5:38p 5:43p 5:53p 6:03p 6:07p 6:25p 6:35p 7:00p 7:05p 7:16p 7:30p
6:14p 6:38p 6:43p 6:53p 7:03p 7:07p 7:25p 7:35p  
7:14p 7:38p 7:43p  

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Download Printable ROUTE 2 Schedule & Map ROUTE 2    
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Transfer Stop Indicator
Citizens Blvd
(Transfer to R1)
Southside Shopping Center
(U,S. Hwy 27 & Gunston St)
12th & Main St. LRMC (Leesburg Regional Medical Center)
Dixie Ave.
Oak Park Middle School
(South St. / SR 44)
(Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. & U.S. Hwy 27/441)
County Road 44 & Griffin Road
Transfer Stop Indicator
Citizens Blvd
(Transfer to R1)
6:00a 6:09a 6:15a 6:22a 6:29a 6:41a 6:45a 7:00a
7:00a 7:09a 7:15a 7:22a 7:29a 7:41a 7:45a 8:00a
8:00a 8:09a 8:15a 8:22a 8:29a 8:41a 8:45a 9:00a
9:00a 9:09a 9:15a 9:22a 9:29a 9:41a 9:45a 10:00a
10:00a 10:09a 10:15a 10:22a 10:29a 10:41a 10:45a 11:00a
11:00a 11:09a 11:15a 11:22a 11:29a 11:41a 11:45a 12:00p
12:00p 12:09p 12:15p 12:22p 12:29p 12:41p 12:45p 1:00p
1:00p 1:09p 1:15p 1:22p 1:29p 1:41p 1:45p 2:00p
2:00p 2:09p 2:15p 2:22p 2:29p 2:41p 2:45p 3:00p
3:00p 3:09p 3:15p 3:22p 3:29p 3:41p 3:45p 4:00p
4:00p 4:09p 4:15p 4:22p 4:29p 4:41p 4:45p 5:00p
5:00p 5:09p 5:15p 5:22p 5:29p 5:41p 5:45p 6:00p
6:00p 6:09p 6:15p 6:22p 6:29p 6:41p 6:45p 7:00p

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Download Printable ROUTE 3 Schedule & Map ROUTE 3
Transfer Stop Indicator
(Transfer to R1 & R4)
Lake Center Drive Mt. Dora City Hall Lincoln & Grandview N. Wardell St. Hwy 441
& Donnelly
Wal-mart Transfer Stop Indicator
(Transfer to R1 & R4)
6:38a 6:42a 6:51a 7:09a 7:11a 7:18a 7:14a 7:38a
7:38a 7:42a 7:51a 8:09a 8:11a 8:18a 8:14a 8:38a
8:38a 8:42a 8:51a 9:09a 9:11a 9:18a 9:14a 9:38a
9:38a 9:42a 9:51a 10:09a 10:11a 10:18a 10:14a 10:38a
10:38a 10:42a 10:51a 11:09a 11:11a 11:18a 11:14a 11:38a
11:38a 11:42a 11:51a 12:09p 12:11p 12:18p 12:14p 12:38p
12:38p 12:42p 12:51p 1:09p 1:11p 1:18p 1:14p 1:38p
1:38p 1:42p 1:51p 2:09p 2:11p 2:18p 2:14p 2:38p
2:38p 2:42p 2:51p 3:09p 3:11p 3:18p 3:14p 3:38p
3:38p 3:42p 3:51p 4:09p 4:11p 4:18p 4:14p 4:38p
4:38p 4:42p 4:51p 5:09p 5:11p 5:18p 5:14p 5:38p
5:38p 5:42p 5:51p 6:09p 6:11p 4:18p 6:14p 6:38p
6:38p 6:42p 6:51p 7:09p 7:11p 7:18p 7:14p 7:38p

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Download Printable ROUTE 4 Schedule & Map ROUTE 4 - Altoona to Zellwood
1 3 4 5 6 7
Altoona Post Office
(S.R. 19)
Umatilla City Hall
(Central Ave./
S.R. 19)
State Road 19 & Hazzard Ave. Transfer Stop Indicator
Lake Tech
(Transfers to
R1 & R3)
(U.S. Hwy 441 & Eudora Rd.)
Transfer Stop Indicator
Anthony House
(Holly St.)
Transfers to LYNX R44)
7:11a 7:17a 7:25a 7:38a 7:41a 8:20a
9:11a 9:17a 9:25a 9:38a 9:41a 10:20a
11:11a 11:17a 11:25a 11:38a 11:41a 12:20p
1:11p 1:17p 1:25p 1:38p 1:41p 2:20p
3:11p 3:17p 3:25p 3:38p 3:41p 4:20p
5:11p 5:17p 5:25p 5:38p 5:41p 6:20p
ROUTE 4 - Zellwood to Altoona
7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Transfer Stop Indicator
Anthony House
(Holly St.)
(Transfer to
(U.S. Hwy 441 &
Eudora Rd.)
Transfer Stop Indicator
Lake Tech
(Transfers to
R1 & R3)
State Road 19 & Hazzard Ave. Umatilla City Hall
(Central Ave./
S.R. 19)
Umatilla Health Department
(C.R. 450)
Altoona Post Office
(S.R. 19)
8:20a 8:33a 8:38a 8:46a 8:52a 8:57a 9:11a
10:20a 10:33a 10:38a 10:46a 10:52a 10:57a 11:11a
12:20p 12:33p 12:38p 12:46p 12:52p 12:57p 1:11p
2:20p 2:33p 2:38p 2:46p 2:52p 2:57p 3:11p
4:20p 4:33p 4:38p 4:46p 4:52p 4:57p 5:11p
6:20p 6:33p 6:38p 6:46p 6:52p 6:57p 7:11p

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