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Safety Tips

Safety while using public transportation helps everyone enjoy the ride.

Waiting for the Bus

  • Leave early to give yourself enough time to get to your stop or designated pick-up point. Avoid taking short cuts or walking in unlit or unsafe areas.
  • Leave early so that you don’t run for a bus. While running you may slip and fall or be hit by a vehicle.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Walk with confidence. Keep your head up and always look around and behind you.
  • Be extra careful when walking in front of vacant buildings, alleys, vacant lots and overgrown areas. Immediately report suspicious activity to local law enforcement.
  • Be aware of places along the route you walk where you can get help, such as open stores, gas stations, restaurants, public telephones, businesses, etc.
  • For added safety, you are encouraged to travel with a friend or in groups. If you notice suspicious activity, notify local law enforcement immediately.
  • Please keep all bus stop areas free from litter.

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Boarding the Bus

  • Never walk directly in front of or behind a stopped bus; other drivers may not see you.
  • Prior to boarding, wait for the bus to come to a complete stop, the door to open fully and passengers to leave the bus.
  • Use exact fare or a pass as drivers do not carry change.
  • If you have any questions while you are on the bus, the drivers will gladly help, but try not to distract them while the bus is in motion.
  • Offer to help the elderly, disabled and those with young children.
  • When boarding and leaving the bus, keep all bags, parcels and book-bags clear of the door. Carry these items in front of you so that they don’t get caught in the door as it closes.
  • Please take your seat promptly after you’ve entered the bus. Make sure all children are secure.
  • Standees are permitted behind the white line only. When standing, hold on to the handrail or seat handle while the bus is in motion.

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On the Bus

  • Use exact fare or a pass. Drivers do not carry change.
  • For the comfort of all passengers no eating, drinking, smoking or littering is allowed on the buses.
  • All passengers must wear shirts and shoes.
  • Be courteous. Priority seating in the front section of the buses is reserved for disabled persons and elderly riders. Flip-type seats located near the wheelchair boarding entrance are for people using wheelchairs.
  • Please talk quietly in your seats and while using cell phones; no running or playing on the buses.
  • No soliciting, disruptive behavior, fighting or vandalism.
  • While on the bus, it is prohibited to play radios or other sound devices without earphones.
  • Standing is permitted behind the white line only. When standing, hold on to the handrail or seat handle while the bus is in motion.

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Departing the Bus

  • When traveling with small children, hold on to them as they exit the bus.
  • Always obey traffic signals and cross the street at intersections. Never run out in front of the bus. Wait until the bus moves away before you step into the street so that you can clearly see other traffic.

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Lost & Found

  • LakeXpress and Lake County Connection are not responsible for articles left on the bus. Personal items left behind will be turned into the Lake County Management, Inc., located at 2440 US Highway 441/27, Fruitland Park or call 352-742-1940 or 352-742-2612.

    All lost and found items will be subject to Florida Statutes 705.103 and will be held 90 days. All unclaimed items will be posted on the buses for an additional 90 days.

    If the articles remain unclaimed the articles will be either donated or destroyed per Florida Statute 705.103.

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Lake County Department of Community Services, Public Transporation Division

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